Pele's story

Pele, that's me!

I am a Goldendoodle and live with my big and small dog friends in the beautiful Münsterland. I actually had a quiet life there. My pension application had already been submitted - I'm almost old age, but then my people came around the corner with the idea that I could make myself useful.

"Pelle... we have a job for you!"

I just lay there comfortably, work really wasn't on my agenda, after all I have to guard the gate all day and report every visitor. My dog friends actively support me in this. So we are really busy, and now a job??? But they don't give up.

"Pelle... here we go!"

I risk a look and see lots of delicious things on the kitchen table. That looks promising, my dog buddies have all lined up. I have to take a closer look, so I make my way to the kitchen.

" are our new gourmet tester!"

Now I'm awake, that sounds more than promising. You have to know, I'm a real foodie. You can hold boring treats in front of my nose...I'm not interested. My humans have tried cucumber chunks on me before...never. I have a simple rule: Don't eat what I don't like. I'm a real connoisseur... so perfect for the new job. So now I munch on such delicious menus as chicken with poultry hearts and peaches, turkey with rice and pineapple, meat truffles, cheese sticks, and cheese popcorn. I'll tell you... it was really worth getting in the kitchen. And always the question... And Pelle, what do you say? Delicious? Yes, logically it's delicious, you could have come a little earlier with that. Of course, my friends also thought it was delicious (... but they also eat pieces of cucumber, what should you expect), so of course all hopes rest on my expertise. Pelle the gourmet.

"Approved! first class! test passed!”

Do we have the food every day now? How is this sold? To all the foodies out there? Okay, the main thing is that there is still enough left for us. Of course I'm still available as a gourmet tester, my people say that was just the beginning. You can be happy... there is more to come, of course tested by me and found to be good,

Until then, your gourmet Pelle