Lamb & Potato - sensitive

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Lamb & Potato from the sensitive series is a tasty meat meal with potatoes that is particularly gentle on your dog. The wet food contains no artificial aromas, colors or preservatives and is also balanced, hearty and juicy. The complete food is therefore suitable for all dogs, but especially for nutritionally sensitive dog breeds.

  • Grain-free, gluten-free, easily digestible

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Alleinfuttermittel für ausgewachsene Hunde.

Zusammensetzung:Lamm (68%), Fleischbrühe vom Lamm (26%), Kartoffeln (4%), Mineralstoffe (2%).

Analytische Bestandteile:Rohprotein (11%), Rohfett (6,2%), Rohasche (1,7%), Rohfaser (0,3%), Feuchtigkeit (78%).

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